Annie's Box by Randal Keynes

Randal Hume Keynes OBE is a British conservationist and author and a great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin. He is the author of the intimate exploration of his famous ancestry, Annie’s Box, subtitled Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution a book about the relationship between Darwin and his daughter Annie whose early death deeply affected him and his views on religion. CREATION is the screen adaption of Annie’s Box by John Collee. Randal Keynes is a production consultant for the film.

“This book by Darwin’s great-great-grandson draws on family records as well as much other material to provide a full and vivid account of the tragedy (of a daughter’s death) and its impact. Randal Keynes brings out the deep emotionality of Darwin’s nature and demonstrates how far he was from the caricature picture of the dispassionate intellectual.”[credit]


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Our Cast

Charles Darwin Paul Bettany
Emma Darwin Jennifer Connelly
Annie Darwin Martha West
Reverend Innes Jeremy Northam
Thomas Huxley Toby Jones
Joseph Hooker Benedict Cumberbatch
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Director Jon Amiel
Writer (screenplay) John Collee
Writer (biography) Randal Keynes
Producer Jeremy Thomas

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Director's Statement

From Recorded Picture Company, producers of such films as nine-time Academy Award winner The Last Emperor and Sexy Beast comes CREATION.

Part ghost story, part psychological thriller, part heart-wrenching love story CREATION is the story of Charles Darwin and the single most explosive idea in history. Darwin’s great, still controversial, book The Origin of Species depicts nature as a battleground. In CREATION the battleground is a man’s heart.

Torn between his love for his deeply religious wife and his own growing belief in a world where God has no place, Darwin finds himself caught in a struggle between faith and reason, love and truth. This is not the grey-bearded old man that most people imagine when they think of Darwin.

The Darwin we meet in CREATION is a young, vibrant father, husband and friend whose mental and physical health gradually buckles under the weight of guilt and grief for a lost child. Ultimately it is the ghost of Annie, his adored 10 year-old daughter who leads him out of darkness and helps him reconnect with his wife and family. Only then is he able to create the book that changed the world.

Told in a collage of scenes from the past and present, laced with stories of exotic animals and the dark dreams of a troubled mind CREATION is a film that will provoke, entertain and ultimately deeply move you.

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